What Are the Various Signs That Indicates Your Foundation Needs Repair


In order to maintain the house, the owner needs to do regular maintenance of their property.

To carry out any foundation repair, it is necessary to hire very good experts who are familiar with the repair works related to the foundation. Now the question is how will you find out that your foundation really has a problem? In this article we shall indicate few signs that will show that your foundation needs repair work.

  • You will find it difficult to open and close your doors and windows. They are not opening and closing as freely as it used to earlier. This is one of the common indications that your foundation has been disturbed.
  • You may observe cracks on some part of your interior wall as well as on the outer portion of the house. The cracks can be in zig-zag fashion and sometimes your brick is also visibly shifted a bit. This is another sign of foundation problem.

  • You will observe a gap between windows/doors and caulking and can happen if the foundation is being shifted.
  • You can observe a gap between ceiling and crown molding.
  • If you observe that your floors are sinking at certain places or the ground near the foundation is sinking then it is due to one of the major issues with your foundation. If you observe this then you must immediately contact the foundation experts for their suggestion and necessary repair.
  • In case you observe that your patios have been pulled much away from the home boundary then too your foundation can be suspected.
  • Observe your wall papers. Do you find any wrinkles or creases on the paper? In case there is any shifting of wall then it can be due to foundation problem. In that case the wall papers will also get shifted

  • You may observe sloping on the floor getting prominent which may be around little more than an inch within a distance of 15 to 20 feet, then your sloping issue is coming due to foundation problem.
  • Do you observe any bowing in the wall of your basement? This is also an indication of foundation problem

Foundation problem generally show up in old constructed houses where there were no proper guidelines were followed during construction. In any modern building it can be rarely found.