Reviewing The Best Options In Natural Stone Countertops!


The kitchen is easily one of the most functional areas of the house, and whatever you spend initially on the basics will last at least a decade or two. The choice of countertops can be confusing to many homeowners, simply because there are a bunch of options, each one having a list of pros and cons. In this special post, we take a look at the different natural stone countertops and how you can choose one based on the relevant aspects.

  • Granite. When it comes to countertops in natural stone, granite remains the most viable, affordable, and easy-to-maintain choice. Many people love granite, simply because it is the hardest countertop material in the natural stone section and is resistant to staining and heat. If you choose the right vendor for custom stone counters in Denver, you can get many color options too.
  • Another popular choice, soapstone is known for its change in color as the stone ages. Installation requires using wax or a form of mineral oil, which helps in sealing the stone. In case you are looking for a countertop that has an aged effect, this is the right choice. Also, soapstone countertops are heat resistant and is designed for that vintage feel.
  • Limestone. Limestone is used for countertops, but it isn’t a recommended choice for kitchen in particular, simply because the material is prone to staining and scratching. It works better for bathrooms, where style matters and for areas where the countertop is not as extensively. Travertine is another choice that also works better for flooring and bathroom needs but isn’t that great for kitchen needs.
  • If you don’t mind spending a tad more, marble is certainly one of the most loved choices for kitchen countertops and will add unparalleled aesthetic value to any room. Marble can be expensive, so it is best to consider the costs in advance.
  • For those who are looking for something more unique, onyx is a good choice. The stone has natural bands of unique colors, and the shiny appearance on adds to its feel. However, this natural stone is prone to staining with certain things. If you want to create a countertop for the bar or any specific area where aesthetics matter, this is a nice choice and can be further styled with backlights.

Final word

Granite remains the most viable choice for kitchen countertops, and as with any home development project, it is best to calculate the costs in advance. Most of the better vendors and sellers will offer an estimate free of any obligation, which is a great advantage. Kitchen countertops are usually used extensively and often in roughest ways. Unless you want to spend huge for regular cleaning and maintenance, granite does work better than marble. Marble, on the other hand, is more stunning, has its natural beauty, especially if you go for white. White countertops for kitchen often need more care, which is something you need to consider while selecting the material.  Check online for vendors now!