Knowing Features and Types of Teak Indoor Furniture


 There are many kinds of furniture that have been made until now, but teak products are among the best ever made. Teak is known for its solidity and durability, and it can withstand any weather condition. It is also resistant to humidity. Well, teak is perfect material to be used as furniture than any other woods. In addition, teak products are categorized into indoor and outdoor furniture. Both furnishings are finished in many ways. For your information, various kinds of teak items were produced long time ago, but still survived until now. For Indoor teak furniture, it gets less damaged, so it only requires less maintenance.

The Quality of Indonesia Teak Wood Furniture

Indonesia furniture history shows there are many furnishings used since a long time ago, and many survived till now. From one historic house to another, the furniture has high historical value. Of course, most of them were made of teak wood. Even, some teak items from the war era are displayed in the museum all around Indonesia. Either outdoor or indoor furniture, they have the best quality. Long lasting or durability factor is the most important point that makes customers interested.

Although most of designs emphasize the classic look, you can use teak furniture to decorate your modern interior. Combined with other kind accessories and furniture, teak can still show its luxury. For example, just combine teak living room furniture with other modern material for cushion, sofa, table, and many others. Combining natural beauty and modern style will show the majestic and luxurious atmosphere. Of course, this idea will lead to good mood.

As costumer, you need to find a manufacturer that offers high quality product. Even though teak is the best material, the grade level is varied. Nowadays, retailers have stopped mentioning the grade, but they only tell you that it is 100% original teak. Therefore, you better ask first about the wood grade in teak indoor furniture you want to buy.

Now, let’s check the difference between teak grades and their uses.Well,grade A teak is the most excellent quality. It is taken from the center of a full grown tree. Moreover, this grade is mostly used to make outdoor furniture. It is the most expensive teak wood, and getting rarer to acquire these days. However, you will still be able to find many Indonesia furniture products crafted using this grade A teak wood.Meanwhile, grade B is taken from the outer heartwood section. Mid-age teak tree center piece is still considered as grade B. It has many color variations. Compared to grade A, this one has a lighter color and less shine. Well, teak for living room is commonly crafted from this grade B as it will last longer for indoor use.

For grade C, it is a lowly quality teak wood. It is taken from a young age teak tree or from the outer part of mature log. This grade C wood can easily get damaged because it has the lowest quality. Moreover, it is used to make indoor furniture with lower price. Grade C teak living room furniture is usually treated with a protective coating to lengthen its durability.