Keeping your Beer Fresh at Home


You probably have lots of beer in your fridge. You like to take out some whenever you visit a growler bar Lewisville. You want to make sure there is something you can grab on whenever you are thirsty. One day, you feel the flavor is a bit off but you ignore the change in flavor and finish the beer. But, you become curious about the flavor being a bit off so you check the labels and found the best before date was a month ago. Now, you wonder if you made a terrible mistake.

The Best Beer is Fresh

If you want the best from beers, make sure you choose the fresh ones. As beers start to age, it changes its flavor profile. Some of the flavors, aromas, and oils which make up the nice flavor of a fresh beer will start to disappear with an expired beer. Beer is quit delicate that even sunlight can cause it to prematurely age.

In case you have drunk a beer that has gone beyond its “best before” date, you don’t really have to worry about it. After fermentation, you can consume the beer whenever you want. But, the quality of older beer will be questionable. While it could taste just fine, it could also taste almost like spoiled milk.

Extending the Life of your Beer

Whenever you like to drink beer, it might be best to have a good beer fridge in your home. Your beer must be kept chilled and nearly frozen to reduce the damage which can happen to the product’s flavor profile. Also, your beer needs a dark environment to maintain its flavor profile.

Moreover, the kind of beer you prefer to consume will provide you with more options in terms of extending your brew’s life. Do not expect a standard 3.2% beer to last for a long time. It is likely to last one or two months but the right type of storage will extend its life even longer.

Investing in a stronger beer that has higher alcohol content allows you to get a better lifespan for your beer. Beers with 5% alcohol content can retain its freshness up to six months. But, if you want a longer lasting beer, choose 7.5% beer. Beer with over 10% alcohol content is expected to last up to 2 years when stored properly.

But, it is important to note that consuming beer in a damaged container may not be safe. The beer has been exposed to the air which can evaporate the alcohol out of it and can result in the buildup of bacteria.