Is Your Home As Secure As It Can Be?


If you own a home one of your primary concerns will always be to ensure it is as safe and secure as possible from potential burglary and home invasion. There are many things that you can do to boost your levels and standards of home security, including the installation of mechanical home security measures such as strong locks and wired alarm systems, through to innovative and modern smart home security measures, such as video doorbells and wireless alarms that can be easily moved and accessed from your smartphone.

There are several things that can be done to other things around the home, and in the way that you and your family/partner/housemates act that can help you raise the standards of home security a little further, and deter any potential burglars from even attempting to break-in to your property.

What is Your Key Policy?

Do you know how many keys there are to your home? If the answer is no, you’ve got a problem. One thing that you can do whenever you move home is to change the locks immediately and get as many copies made as you need, and no more. The problem with spare keys is that they could be left with a tradesperson, a neighbour, an ex partner, and you might not know who exactly holds one. Change that mindset immediately.

What do You Do When You Go Away?

If you plan to be away with work for a few days, or on holiday for a longer period of time it is important to have a clear policy on how to keep your home safe during this period of inactivity at the property. Ask someone that you trust, whether a family member, friend, colleague or neighbour, to visit your home at regular intervals to make sure there is no post hanging out of the letterbox, that deliveries are taken in and that the home looks active for portions of the day. If you have regular deliveries of milk, cancel it for the duration of your trip.

Is Your Pathway Welcoming to Intruders?

Many burglars will think twice about attempting to break in to a property with a gravel driveway or path. Think about it, the noise could wake up the neighbours, or those inside and is it worth the risk? This is one way to deter would-be burglars, but others include high fencing and gates, shrubbery in the way of windows and other potential openings and lights that work on motion sensors.

Are Your Outbuildings Secure?

If you have a garage with a car inside, a bicycle or other valuable belongings, or a shed with a toolbox and expensive machinery, you should really consider strong padlocks to prevent unlawful entry. For a burglar, outbuildings are a source of valuables that are easier to enter without being heard when compared with the main building of a home.

Home Alarm Systems and Products

Once you have looked at all the different aspects that keep your home safe and ensured that the above processes and actions are ticked off, you should also take a look at the products that you have available to you in terms of home security. There are several home security products that can strengthen your home security systems. These include strong padlocks that can be used for outbuildings such as sheds and garages, ensuring that the valuables inside are kept as safe as possible. Window locks can add strength and robustness to weak spots in your home, and smart technology can be utilised in a variety of ways too, from the installation of smart motion sensors to wireless alarms and video doorbells that allow you real-time, high quality video to see who is outside your home. All of the smart technology can be used from the palm of your hand, with smartphone apps allowing easy access from any location to your interconnected smart home.