How To Get Rid Of Ants In An Apartment?


Treating an apartment for getting rid of ants can be a taxing task as they have a knack for spreading to the adjacent apartments. For this very reason, coordination is required among other tenants. Hence, it is crucial that any prevention or treatment effort can be offered by building an education program. The key to successful implementation of ant prevention is to pay keen attention to detail. Read on for the three primary approaches to exterminate the ants in an apartment.

Long-term spraying

The ant exterminator is liable to work with those who have the actual ant issue and any apartment that is adjacent to the infested unit. Insecticides are prone to kill ants. Most of the sprays comprise an amalgamation of high grade water-white kerosene combined with pyrethrum extract. The sprays must maintain a direct contact with the ants. Making a mist or a fog out of the spray, the technique usually used to kill other insects is considered useless in this case. Ant bombs are considered useless too and can cause the ants to spread. The spray should be applied to all furniture, mattresses, box spring etc. by targeting on cracks and crevices. To know more, click here, https://solutioncimex.com/fourmis-charpentieres/.


The infested apartment is heated up to 120 degrees F to 125 degrees F for several hours in order to kill all the hidden and visible ants and other insects as well. Ant stream treatment is also a productive way to use heat to kill ants at all life stages, no matter if they are small or adults. It eliminates other insects as well.

Tenting and Fumigation

In this process, the entire building is tented and fumigated. This option of killing the ants is sometimes deemed to be costly and is one of the least preferred approaches, but it can be proven highly effective when conducted for 12 hours or more. Chemicals used as fumigants comprise an amalgamation of carbon dioxide, ethylene oxide, methyl formate or methyl bromide. The disadvantage of tenting and fumigation approach is the toxicity of a few chemicals to humans. A pest control organization will also vacuum all surface to get rid of any alive ants or other insects which are infesting your residence.

Keep Your House Clean

Ants are tiny pests and can enter any home, building via tint cracks and crevices. To eradicate this issue, seal around the windows and doors, and all the cable, pipe and wire entry points as well.