Find the Best Type of Air Conditioner for Yourself


With the introduction of air conditioning technologies our lives have become easy and luxurious. Apart from providing comfort and luxuries, it also enhances our concentrating power. What is more mesmerizing is the fact that the scope of this technology has never remained stagnant. It continued to evolve and today we have air conditioners that can be installed at our preferred places; such as on wall or on floor. The introduction of these technologies have given us choices, however, it has put us into the dilemma of choosing the correct and apt type of air conditioners.

Here is the quick guide to help you out with choosing the best air conditioner for yourself.

Wall mounted air conditioner

Climatiseur mural are mounted on the wall of your room. These type of air conditioners take little time to cool effectively. Its benefits are-

  • It consumes no substantial space of your room. It is hanged on the wall of the room and occupies no space on the floor. It is very convenient and practical in nature. Wall mounted air conditioners allow you to effectively use the space of your room as per your preferences. Hence it gives you more customization options.
  • It doesn’t require packing and unpacking. Air conditioners have no applicability during winters. As the wall mounted air conditioners are installed on the walls of rooms, there is no need to pack them in winters and then again unpack them in summers. This saves you from unnecessary labour.
  • There are many wall mounted air conditioners available in the market that are astounding in looks. They add to the beauty of your room.

Floor mounted air conditioner

Floor mounted air conditioners require no installation as particular and are simply placed on the ground. Because of being on the ground, they take less time to cool effectively. The benefits of floor mounted air conditioners are:

  • It doesn’t require installation. You just need to keep it as per your choice and that’s it. It is ready to cool. There is no need of uninstalling and re installing in the cases of repairing or shifting residence.
  • As it is not fixed and are mounted on wheels, you can easily change its place if required. It is easily movable.

Which type of air conditioner should you buy

If the walls of your rooms are thin or weak; or made of glass, then floor mounted air conditioners are best option. Also if you frequently change your residence, then floor mounted air conditioners are better option. Otherwise, wall mounted air conditioners make more sense as they take less space and doesn’t require packing and unpacking.