Comparison Between Assisted Living at Home and In-Home Care


When parents grow old then taking care of their needs becomes an issue for most of the households. If you ask your parents and give them a choice then they will always prefer to stay at home rather than moving to any old home care. There are different views among people in this regard and that may sometimes create a lot of friction among the family members.

What are the various elements that you need to consider if you prefer the option of assisted living at home. These elements are also very subjective and in every home the opinion and the situation may be quite different. Some family think that in home care services are the best option for old parents while some family do not want to leave their aged parents out of their home at any circumstances. Many other options can also be thought of to find the right solution for this issue.

Let us try to find the answer to the following questions, which may resolve the matter and will help you to decide which options will be right for your family.

  1. What is the opinion of your parents, which must be given more weightage?
  2. Do they want to live independently alone?
  3. Is it possible to improve the safety if they prefer to be at home?
  4. Is there anyone in the family who can also move with them?
  5. In order to keep them happy, safe and healthy is it possible to hire any home care service?
  6. By getting them regular meals from any source will keep them happy?

  1. Is there any extra medical care needed for them?
  2. Do they have to be reminded for taking their medicines?
  3. Have they seen any community where they can feel comfortable?

Following are few options that you can explore and you can see if that suits you well or not

  1. Let them continue to live at home
  2. They can move to some other place with an adult child
  3. Any other member of the family can move with them
  4. You can prefer to hire any caregiver at home
  5. Also, any part-time home health-care agency can be hired
  6. Consider hiring any part-time caregiver at home
  7. Get into any society and keep them busy with adult day program
  8. Hire any meal delivery service.

While living at home, parents feel more connected with the family however remain socially isolated. If you prefer to send to any home care service then you need to do proper research about the quality of service and treatment with the elderly people.