Clear Your Mind First Before Making Tough Decisions in Life


The worst thing you can do is to decide anything while you are at the peak of your emotions. The decision you will make might probably end up being wrong. It helps if you clear your thoughts first by pausing before you decide which way to move forward.

Let your emotions subside 

There is nothing wrong with using your feelings in making decisions, especially if it involves helping other people. However, you also need to have logical choices. If you only use your heart, it could be a lopsided decision that you will regret later. Once you are no longer at the peak of your emotions, you will start to realise how foolish you could have been if you continued with your previous decision.

Take a nap 

When you feel confused, and you don’t know how to solve the problem, you can sleep on it. You might still feel overwhelmed, and it is not right to decide. As you wake up, you feel refreshed and energised. You are in a better place to judge compared with where you were before when you were still angry.

Study the options 

If you said something terrible to someone and instantly regretted that decision as soon as you said it, it could be because you allowed your impulse to control you. Once you have a clear mind, it becomes easy to study the choices. You will compare the pros and cons of each option. It does not mean that you will always choose the right decision, but at least, you fully understand the consequences.

Do something you love 

When you are angry, you will feel like the world is turning its back on you. Sometimes, it only takes doing something you love for you to feel better. It could be a dinner at a fancy restaurant or playing your favourite sport. We all have things we enjoy doing, and it is good if you do them before you finalise your decision.

Take a hot shower 

Sometimes, being inside the shower room allows you to have a clear mind. You will feel relaxed and refreshed. It is something that you usually can’t do because you are in a rush to go to work. However, bathing can be a relaxing experience. You need to do it if you are angry or you feel lost. Once you have cleansed your body and felt the warm water on your skin, it will be easy for you to change your mind. You may also invest in a shower pod if you wish to improve the appearance of your bathroom. It also has a practical use if you worry that it might cost too much.

After doing these things, you will be in an excellent position to decide. You are dealing with major life decisions, and you can’t be impulsive; otherwise, you might make a choice that you will instantly regret. You know yourself best, and you understand how to make yourself feel relaxed.