Being Responsible to the Environment Through Plant Hire


For your brand, as well as for ethical reasons on a personal level, it is important that a company has the idea to act in a responsible way where it concerns the environment. For those companies working within sectors where there is a requirement for the use of vehicles, equipment and heavy machinery there is a clear way that this can be achieved. Through modern plant hire companies you can ensure that you are acting in an environmentally responsible way as a company, maintaining a streamlined approach to projects, staying cost-effective, productive, and reducing your carbon footprint in the process.

There has definitely been a shift within construction and plant hire in recent years towards a more coherent strategy of environmental awareness and sustainability of projects and long-term company goals. This has been achieved through the development of technology and design, the difference in available materials and the increased efficiency levels of equipment, machinery and vehicles. When working with a plant hire company, always look for those that can provide green credentials, highlighting how and why they can improve your own reputation as an environmentally conscious organisation.

One of the biggest changes in how you can be responsible to the environment when using a plant hire company is in environmental law passed down by the EU. Since the EU Stage IIIB standard became law in 2011 the standard of engines has had to maintain a high standard of efficiency. It was at this stage that more was demanded from all engines below 56kW, but with the Stage IV standard in January 2014 there was more demanded from engines between 130 and 560kW, and from October 2014 this was spread to engines between 56 and 130kW. The emissions standards were implemented to place regulatory demands on the reduction of particles and nitrogen oxides (NOx), and a regulation of emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon.

Any plant hire company worth their salt will be employing the use of Diesel Particulate Filter’s (DPF) to the engines of their fleet. A diesel particulate filter reduces the amount of particulate matter by over 95%, with a passive regeneration system automatically cleaning the filter during a working cycle. This helps to improve efficiency and streamline tasks, with less need for an extensive maintenance process after each working cycle.

All Tier IIIB and Tier IV compliant plant will provide you with much lower emissions, but this should not overlook the impact it has on noise levels, a constant scourge of construction projects. It can reduce noise by as much as -5dB, whilst revs reducing by 100rpm and the implementation of automatic engine shutdown for plant that sits idle for a certain amount of time.

Having a specialist plant hire company by your side will ensure that the machinery, equipment and vehicles you use during a project will provide significantly lower emissions and better sound management, helping your brand to boost its green credentials whilst remaining cost effective and productive.